Choosing the perfect colors for your website

In creating a website, most people are not really aware that the color scheme of the website greatly affects the traffic and the willingness of viewers to patronize and stay with the website. Most people fear this phase of establishing one because a wrong pattern or palette of colors can turn your website into stone – not making much of what you want it to make. So how do you choose colors, the perfect tailor-fit colors for your website?

You are probably asking – why are colors so much of a big deal when it comes to creating websites? Well, to let you know, colors affect the mood of people and it can make them ultimately glad or extremely unhappy when they sense that the colors are not in line.

People who belong to different age brackets react differently to certain colors. People past a certain age admire relaxing and tranquil colors whereas younger people enjoy the flash of bright, loud, and vivid colors. People also have preferences as regards to gender like men prefer the colors: Orange and Blue to Red and Yellow whereas women prefer to see: Red to Blue and Orange to Yellow. So you really need to know your target audience firsthand before deciding on different colors.

Although the statement above seems to be so much categorizing, there is no harm done in wanting a specific category of schemes for your website. You just need to mix in colors that greatly complement each other with a certain color emphasizing a strong point in your website.

So how should I decide on the color of my website?

There is a guide on what type of colors a certain group of consumers get attracted to. I will give you an example.

Now that you have an idea, you can then easily decide which color to use on your planned website. Imagine the logo of Coca-Cola or Facebook. What is the first color that comes to mind when you think of the two – Red for Coca-Cola and Blue for Facebook, right? Coca-Cola’s color is not a mere coincidence because it was said that having their dominant color as the color Red led them to be picked more than other brands because their color stood out in the shelves of grocery stores – how is that for psychological marketing?

I will be listing the common colors and their common meanings so you will have an idea:

  • Red: energy, passion, excitement, power; also implies aggression, danger.
  • Blue: coolness, spirituality, freedom, patience, loyalty, peace, trustworthiness; can also imply sadness, depression.
  • Yellow: light, optimism, happiness, brightness, joy.
  • Green: life, naturalness, restfulness, health, wealth, prosperity; in certain contexts, can imply decay, toxicity.
  • Orange: friendliness, warmth, approachability, energy, playfulness, courage.
  • Violet: wisdom, sophistication, celebration.
  • White: purity, cleanliness, youth, freshness, peace.
  • Black: power, elegance, secrecy, mystery.
  • Gray: security, maturity, reliability.
  • Pink: romance a feminine color.
  • Brown: comfort, strength, stability, credibility.

If you do not have the luxury of time to contemplate and decide what color to use then there are tools that can help you:

ColorJack – A tool that will ultimately help you with color combinations by using certain algorithms to prove its point and its consistency in the color scheme. Beginners will most likely get lost with this tool but worry not because you can easily get the hang of it.

DeGraeve Color Palette Generator – This tool has a cool feature that lets you choose a photo you can use for your website and can extract the colors from that photo to provide you with sets of color combinations that would most likely fit the photo.

These two are more than enough to help you with your dilemma in choosing a color scheme for your website.

If you still doubt that colors can greatly benefit or ruin your establishment, then think again. Colors are one phase of importance because it can change moods, it can strengthen or weaken a certain product or a certain establishment. You should always think and plan everything you have going on to ensure that success will come knocking at your door.