6 Best WordPress Themes for Food, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, and Beauty Blogs

Today, finding a unique and different style that would pick the majority’s taste buds is more difficult than you think. In our age when blogs and websites are modern and innovative, choosing the correct colors and themes can definitely keep you up at night. Choosing the correct and appropriate WordPress theme can turn your game around and why? Because it can benefit you in every aspect that you can ever imagine. Given that there are so many different websites and blogs out there, competition is definitely the last thing you want to think about; what you should focus on is the execution of your own blog. Below is a list of themes that would be tailor-fit to your fashion, lifestyle, travel, beauty, and food blogs.

The Voux

The Voux Theme

Looking for an easy, fast-loading, and well-structured, WordPress magazine and blog theme. This one is perfect for everyone. I mean, even those who are not well-experienced in coding can easily and manageably afford to utilize this website theme. This kind of style focuses on offering visual and textual content all over the internet. The Voux is a perfect pick for sophistication and elegance so if you are looking for something classy, The Voux is the perfect theme for you.

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Pluto WordPress Theme

Pluto is the kind of theme that encompasses neatness and tranquility. It’s quiet ambiance transforms your content into something mysterious and curiosity-tingling. One of the most talked about assets of this theme is thorough represented by the User Membership Feature. This allows you to create a personal community where each user can be designated an elegant and classy looking profile. This is somewhat of a group-kind of thing in which owners can directly get income from by adding advertisements.

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Hemlock Theme

Hemlock is one of the few themes that is innovative and simple but will definitely attract tons of readers because of its charm and quietness. It is not just beautiful, but the theme itself is highly responsive and fast-loading which makes it more attractive to readers and subscribers. It also has a premium Full Width Featured Slider that is used to showcase your site’s highlights.

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Gullvy Theme

A picture is worth a thousand words, correct? Well, Gullvy is the WordPress theme you should use if what you offer can be best seen in good-quality photos. It can most likely increase your view count because of its unique specializations, its layout, and its ability to display your content in a fancy and in a breathtaking manner. Even if you fall short in terms of technical background, you can design and style your website using this theme effectively. I can tell you, having good photos can definitely pay you the price of getting this theme.

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Aresivel Theme

Aresivel somewhat sounds weird and unique, right? Well, it is an ideal theme for creative bloggers because of the fact that it really is unique. It is very helpful for those not really keen on programming and creating layouts because of responsiveness and its design. A simple yet minimalist effect that would drive readers crazy over your content. The theme pays great attention to detail with each element represents something. Just like the others on this list, this has different types of layouts which can surely blow you away.

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Soledad Theme

WordPress also takes its chances and creates something out-of-the-usual. They came up with this kind of “hipster” thing that can easily dread eyes all over a website if done properly. As far as I know it, Soledad became the number one theme in WordPress and it is because of its unique features and mesmerizing design. A blank wide canvas supported by tools you can use to start building your design. From blogs, magazines, news stories, even online shops, Soledad can be very much helpful.

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The themes may differ on what type of blogs you have but it most definitely will stand out if you are to compare it with some other blogs. The sophistication and awe-inspiring aspect of these styles would make your blog one of the most stylish and unique in today’s time. Take note, these themes have different variations, styles, and layouts so do not limit yourself in just what you see. Take time to study and observe and who knows, maybe this is your stepping stones into something deeper in website designing.